Our Process Explained

There Are Two Ways of Working With Us:​

1. Pure Packager:​ You advise on the second charge loan yourself, and we will provide the back-up service, keeping you fully compliant within the new regulatory world


2. Advised Sales Option:​ You act as an introducer and we will advise the client directly

Whichever option you choose, your remuneration will always remain the same and we will provide you with a fully compliant file. 

Pure Packager:​

If you wish to advise on Second Charge Loans yourself, our Pure Packager Option is for you.

  • Access 4 Finance (A4F) will act purely as a Packager.
  • A4F will not provide your client with any advice.
  • You (the Broker) will be responsible for the advice given to your client.
  • You will complete an online decision in principle form, outlining the client’s details and their requirements covering the nine points outlined in MCOB 4.7A.6.
  • Upon receipt of this information, A4F will then source suitable products. Where more than one product fits the client’s requirements, A4F will provide you with a mortgage illustration (ESIS) for the top three product options, along with a document outlining evidence of the research that has been carried out.
  • You will discuss the products with your client, and then confirm with us, which option you have recommended that your client proceed with.
  • A4F will package the application. This will include sending an issue pack to the client, applying to the Land Registry, carrying out the necessary credit searches, requesting BSQ’s and, where required, obtain the first mortgagees consent. We will also instruct a valuation.
  • During the application process, A4F will direct any questions from the client, in relation to the product selected / advice, to you.
  • If the application changes in anyway, which requires a new mortgage illustration (ESIS) to be issued, you are responsible for advising your client of the revised terms.
  • Mortgage illustrations (ESIS) will show you as the party giving the advice and A4F as the packager.
Advised Sales Option:​

If you wish to act as an introducer of Second Charge Loans, our Advised Sale Option will work for you.

  • You (the Broker) have limited your scope of service to just first charge mortgages.
  • You wish to consider whether a second charge is the most suitable option for your client and you have therefore selected a Key Partner; Access 4 Finance (A4F).
  • You discuss your client's requirements with A4F, covering the nine points outlined in MCOB 4.7A.6.
  • A4F sources a potentially suitable option.
  • A4F provides the mortgage illustration (ESIS) for the chosen product to you.
  • You compare this with other possible options, for example a re-mortgage or further advance.
  • If the second charge is the best option, you inform your client that you are referring them to your Key Partner (A4F), to explore a second charge solution.
  • You request that A4F contact the client directly.
  • A4F takes over the application.
  • A4F will take the client through our full advice process, which includes the completion of a fact-find.
  • A4F will recommend a suitable product to meet your client's needs
  • A4F will process the application in the same way as it would if it were acting as a Pure Packager.
  • You will be kept up dated on progress, but should keep contact with client to a minimum so as not to stray into advising on second charges.